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More Hints of a Possible Captain Marvel Movie, Casting Talks and Thoughts

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“Most speculative” is how I would describe this news but it is such GOOD speculation that I feel it needs reporting.  Yes, fans can rejoice a bit as Marvel has made definite mention of interest for a Captain Marvel movie in the future, so, if nothing else, at least that means it is being considered.  Captain Marvel, the male alien version, I believe, was Marvel’s unofficial attempt in the 1960’s, after gaining the name from previous publishers, to create a standardized mascot for the comic company before the heroes themselves evolved into the brand images they are today. Of course, now you can not see Spider-man, Wolverine, or even Captain America without thinking “Marvel Comics” so I think this is why the original character never really gained footing and eventually was extinguished.  The history of the codename “Captain Marvel” is as long and over-complicated as just about any aspect of Marvel Comics history and several characters have carried the name.  Carol Danvers, who has been through many tumultuous times in the comics, most recently as Ms. Marvel and often as an Avenger, upgraded her suit and rechristened herself as Captain Marvel in 2012 with her own solo comic title, the first new female-oriented title for Marvel since 2010.

Now Katie Sackhoff, who played Starbuck in the revamped Battlestar Galactica series from 2004-2009, a part which had also originally been played by a male, admitted her and Marvel had “some stuff going on” during her interview on the Schmoes Know Movie Podcast.  The question was brought up due to recent online chatter surrounding her outspoken interest, after she responded with a “Hell yes!” to a tweet calling for her to take on the female Captain Marvel role by a fan.  I think Sackoff is a great actress who seems to only improve over time, seems to be pretty geeky and into her character portrayals, and a major Marvel movie would be a great breakout role for her since gaining television fame during the Galactica series run.  Sackoff can currently be seen in Riddick, starring Vin Diesel.


Adding flames to the rumors, Marvel Studios producer Louis D’Esposito recently said he liked the idea of doing a Captain Marvel movie.  Here’s what ComingSoon.net wrote after talking to D’Esposito:

“There’s obviously a drumbeat that is banging louder and louder that we want a female lead superhero,” he says. ”… [W]e have strong female characters in our films from Black Widow to Pepper Potts to Peggy Carter and you never know. Maybe there’s an offshoot film with one of them. Or Captain Marvel, you know?”

D’Esposito talked about pushing a film to screen and the timing of such a film.

“It’s hard,” he said, “because we have a small group at Marvel. We do two films a year. To get those two films done and to do them right takes a lot of work and manpower. And female-power, obviously. To add a third film and to just put in the slate right now is difficult. We have these next three, four, five films coming out and that’s what we’re really concentrating on.”

D’Esposito also told IGN when asked which female superheroes he would most like to see given their own big screen outing,

Captain Marvel is a very strong female character that would be great to do. I love it…..She’s great and it’s always great when they’re set in a man’s world and they overcome the obstacles in their way and really shine.”

Sackhoff let more information out of the bag on the podcast saying Disney/Marvel has been doing “a lot of checking of availability for the first quarter of next year”.  So, there is no proof D’Esposito was serious nor that Sackhoff’s supposed interest and interview answers are confirmed to be specifically related to the Captain Marvel character but the evidence is strong. Nevertheless, Sackhoff, I think, would be a great fit for the character portrayal, as she seems to embody some of the same characteristics of the recent version of the hero.  And the internet agrees.  Geeky fans have been Photoshopping actresses into the role for some time, with Sackhoff among the favorite, along with Chuck alumni and current Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski.  Of course, these fan-created visuals are merely matching physical features, and acting talent as well as availability are key factors in casting for such a noteworthy role.


yvonneA yvonneart

The current Captain Marvel is a very modern, very sincere approach to a female superhero. She has a lot of history, has always held her own, and has now shaken off her “Baywatch with thigh-high boots and opera gloves” look and gotten a unique haircut, which some of her peers have let her know they are not crazy about.  She has super strength, can fly (without an invisible plane), and can shoot energy blasts – she is basically an equivalent to Superman.  Carol Danvers is a strong women within herself.  Without even a suit, she is a natural-born leader and strongly independent while staying likeable, so I think the character would probably make for the most impactful female-led movie Marvel can do right now.

More to the story, the elements now exist for Captain Marvel‘s involvement within the movie universe Marvel has already created.  Also, although not necessary, it may even be a good idea to have both versions of the Captain in the new film.  In the comics, the original Captain Marvel was an outcast Kree alien named Mar-vell, but was granted powers and later became involved in battle against Thanos, who was using the Cosmic Cube, both of which have already appeared in Marvel films.  Mar-vell was key in helping the Avengers defeat Thanos which would be a great segway to bring him into the films.  Afterward he could explain his need to come to Earth as he does in the comics.  Carol Danvers was in the early Captain Marvel comics, and was later retconned to have received her powers from a Kree device explosion when Mar-vell was almost killed.  This could be the end of the first act of the solo film.  This explosion could do both, get rid of Mar-vell and bring on Danvers’ powers, which may mean Mar-vell dies like he eventually does in the comics or the explosion converts Carol’s physiology while also transferring the powers to her, leaving Mar-vell simply a regular Kree again.  The Kree race could already be introduced in a Guardians of the Galaxy film in 2014 or the next.  In fact, it may be best to see the original Captain Marvel appear first in a Guardians film so when we see him in the Avengers film to follow, we already know him, then we could be slightly introduced to Carol Danvers. What a great end credits scene leading up to this film would it be to have Mar-vell meet Carol Danvers at Cape Canaveral after a brief but awesome display of her already honed human abilities as a spy or pilot?  Perhaps in the Captain Marvel film, they could even be married or engaged as a nod to the original Ms. Marvel name and to give her more incentive to take on the mantel once Mar-vell is gone either for good or just from Earth.  Regardless of the details, all these details are intertwined between both versions of the character and the Avengers whose movie has already been successful, so it would be a shame to waste all that plot detail.  But I do want the movie to be mostly about a female lead hero so I am cautious about the male Captain Marvel being a part of it unless done correctly.


In the comics, the original Captain Marvel, although cherished, is not widely popular and, I dare say, even less popular than D.C.’s hero of the same name for the general audience, especially in 2013.  So, I do not think it would be an issue to have his longevity truncated for the purposes of not ignoring the origins of the character and having a strong basis for Danvers taking on the name.  In fact, having a big-name actor to be teased in a Guardians movie to play Captain Marvel in a follow-up Avengers film then carried into the Captain Marvel film would give it the draw that Sackhoff really does not have on her own.  If you remember how Steven Segal was treated in Executive Decision, that is a good comparison of how I feel the male Captain Marvel should be treated because Segal was still a big name at the time and the character was only integral to part of the film.  Another comparison would be Professor Dumbledore, the great wizard, who perished for Harry Potter to be able to live on and mature.  What I do not know, since I have not kept up with the character in the comics, is what would be the best choice for the antagonist in the solo film since for most of her career Ms./Captain Marvel has been on the sidelines in larger battles.  Back to my story set up, perhaps there is more of a Kree threat that is building which she could take on by herself after the murder (or power drain) of Mar-vell, and she could use her previous skills as much as the powers she gains to bring that threat down. Perhaps although just as a Kree, Mar-vell could still be a part of the take down.  With a mix of espionage, power discovery, emotion, and a definitive main bad-guy Kree, I think it would be intriguing enough without seeming like a female version of Iron Man 3 to be a powerful film, as long as it keeps a more positive outlook and doesn’t take on the dark tones of other recent superhero movies.

On the other side of the coin, if it could be pulled off without the male Captain Marvel, that would be better, but some fans may call foul due to its tradition and the fact the intricacies of the story almost demand it.  If they ignore the first Captain then I think it would be best if they skip the origin story altogether, at least as has traditionally been told.  Audiences, I feel, are getting a bit weary of the origin story formula anyway, so jumping right into the plot of a film without that weight and making it successful would be a breakthrough and, probably, quite a relief to movie-goers.  Writers challenged with explaining a character’s abilities beyond the scope of the norm could hopefully come up with some very original ideas.  Of course, just a radioactive explosion during one of the other films with, again, an after credits scene, as Marvel so likes to use, of a female fist bursting from the rubble would be enough.  I believe there are many opportunities to break a lot of molds with this type of film.

For sure, the stakes are high with a solo female superhero film because it would be the first in this new generation of comic book movies and none of the others from the past, such as Supergirl or Elektra, did well enough at the box office nor were given the budget and talent needed to make them successful.  If Marvel beats D.C. to the punch and we do not see a Wonder Woman standalone film first, a successful film of this type could mean big things for the Disney-owned entertainment company as well as give female fans of the genre someone to totally root for, laying the path for more female-related roles of this kind in the future, from both companies.  Of course a Wonder Woman movie could do the same, but that seems to be no further along in talks than this one, and we are all a bit weary about it because of that.  So, although the thought of such a film is still in the ether, I see so many positives that can come from such a movie at this stage of modern superhero films.

What do you think? Is it time for a new solo female superhero film? Who should play Captain Marvel if Marvel goes forth with their hints? How do my set ups sound, or how would you like to see a female hero movie played out? What or who would be the best villain(s) to face off against Captain Marvel? What other superhero movies would you like to see with a main female protagonist? I would be interested in any and all comments, so have at it! Here’s hoping when Marvel’s Phase Three announcements are made, a Captain Marvel movie makes the line-up as it would be a welcome addition to the roster and a movie with a strong – no pun intended – female character I know my daughters would love to see just as much as I would.

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