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Heroes, Villains, and Me: Top 10 Marvel Characters That Should Be TV Shows

“Heroes, Villains, and Me” is a periodic article on Geeky KOOL by Larry Litle about the world of comic books and my reaction to it. “Heroes, Villains, and Me” is not a comic book review article. I will write about current events, speculation and rumors, or my own wacky thoughts about the world of comic books and related stuff.

Marvel and DC are in an arms race for movie dominance at the Box Office.  The ever increasing super heroes movies bring in ton of money for their studios.  Even when they are considered to be a bust, they are still dominating over regular movies.  But not all superheroes and super groups are right for the big screen. Some characters are better served on television.

We have seen a ton of successful superhero television series.  DC has their CW shows of The Flash, The Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.  They also have NBC’s pre-Batman series, Gotham. These series are not in continuity with the DC Cinematic Universe.

Marvel has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC which has introduced a lot of heroes.  This series is in full continuity with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel also has the 4 current series on Netflix with some of their street level characters of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.  They have a Punisher and Defenders series in the works for Netflix.  They also have the X-Men related series, Legion, on FX.

I contemplated what characters could make an interesting television series and where is the best place for them?
When I started creating my list, it was too large.  I decided to create a two part series.  The first would be Marvel characters and part two next week will be DC characters.  I didn’t include characters already in the movies or on television series so no spin off characters.  I didn’t list characters/group that have a series in the works like The Inhumans and Cloak and Dagger.

Image via marvel.wikia.com

10) Namor: The Submariner
Who? Namor is the King of Atlantis and ruler of the oceans.  He is half-human/half-Atlantean.   He was the first Marvel super-hero created in 1939.  Aquaman is the DC version of Namor.

Why? A Namor series could make some intriguing series.  We could get a long hard look at the culture of Atlantis.  Since Namor is a half bread, there is a ton of potential problems for a young Namor.

Namor has both lead armies against the Nazis in World War II and against the land dwellers when he felt they threatened the Atlanteans and the oceans.  Namor has a hot temper and isn’t always likable. In fact, Namor can be a huge jerk even to his friends.  We haven’t seen a lot of this type of hero in our comic television series.

The intrigue of culture and politics could play huge in this Under the Sea Series. There could be equal amounts of political intrigue, underwater adventure, and politics. 10 to 13 episode seasons would make this a fun watch.

Where? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.  This show could get gritty in a great way.  Not a family show.

9) New Warriors

Who? The New Warriors is a group of teenagers/early 20s super heroes.  This mishmash group of mainly unknown heroes.  Firestar is the most famous being created for the early 80s Saturday Morning cartoon, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Firestar has heat abilities and controls microwaves.  Namorita is the cousin of Namor (see above) and his the muscle of the group.  Nova is a member of an intergalactic police group with powers of energy and strength.  Night Thrasher is the street level hero with brains, leadership, and a fighting spirit.  Marvel Boy/Justice has telekinetic abilities.  Speedball is a crazy wacky hero that has a cushions of balls around him that allows him to bounce off of everything.

Why?  This rag group of youngsters are heroes in progress. They lack a ton of experience.  While grouping together, they must learn how to use their abilities to the full extend and learn how to be a team.  I am a sucker for a group of youngsters developing their abilities and personalities.

The first season could end with the introduction of the Egyptian villain, The Sphinx.

Where? This show could fit fine on Network television like ABC.  I don’t see it fitting on the CW with the dominance of DC characters there.  I would recommend a short season (10-13) at least for season 1.

Image via Pinterest

8) Kaz Zar and Shanna the She-Devil (aka The Savage Land)

Who? In the center of Antarctica, is a tropical jungle forgotten land of the past.  Dinosaurs wander this jungle.  Kaz Zar, Shanna, and Zabu, the Saber Tooth Tiger.

Think Tarzan with a female companion that is equal awesome and a Saber Tooth Tiger in a land of dinosaurs.

Why? We have an awesome action couple with Kaz Zar and the beautiful but deadly Shanna the She-Devil in the Savage Land.  We have dinosaurs. This would be really KOOL.

Where? This will be an expensive show to create but the cost of these effect are going down every day.  It would work best on cable or on a streaming provider like Netflix.  If done right, this series could have a huge following.

Via Wikipedia

7) Moon Knight

Who? Moon Knight is a street level character that somewhat resembles Batman on the outside.  When you investigate further, he is a very different character.  Marc Spector, former CIA field agent and mercenary was laid at the feet of a statue of the Egyptian  moon god, Khonshu, after being “killed.”  He miraculously came back to life with a renewed view to fight crime.  Spector as a long list of aliases and many think personalities to find information.  This character is dark, quirky, mystical, and potentially insane.

Why? A weird and quirky crime fighting drama where the main character plays many different characters.  This is a psychological crime drama with a mystical and/or mental health issue. This could be a fun take on the super hero series.

Where? This would be an restricted type of show. This show screams for either Netflix or HBO.

Image via comicsalliance.com

6) Power Pack

Who? A Power Pack series would be the opposite of Moon Knight.  The Power Pack is a group of young sibling who receive special powers from the alien, Aelfyre Whitemane, of the Kymellians race.  Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power  each received a different set of abilities.  Alex has the power of gravity manipulation.  Julie can fly at super speeds. Jack can control density.  Katie has a dynamo of energy powers.

Why? Here is a show the whole family can watch together.  Four young siblings get the fantastic abilities.  They focus on issues of living with parents that don’t know they have powers and living ever day lives while fighting super villains much older and experienced than they are.

Where? Network television or potentially the Disney Channel.

5) Spider-Gwen

Who? Imagine a different universe where Peter Parker isn’t bitten by the radioactive spider but rather Gwen Stacy is bitten.  Gwen takes on the identity of Spider-Woman. She rocks a KOOL outfit with some special abilities that Spider-Man doesn’t have.

Why? This is girl power and girl focused version of Spider-Man.  We may never get to meet Spider-Gwen in the Sony/Marvel Spidey movies but a series focusing a this awesome character.

Spider-Gwen is an extremely popular character.  Her comic sells well.  Lot of female cosplayers have added Spider-Gwen to their costume rotation for conventions.

This starts the run of awesome female characters that need their own series. Four out of five of the top five are female solo characters.

Where? Network or basic cable channel.

Image via themarysue.com

4) Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Who? High School student Kamala Khan was exposed to the Terrigen Mist of the Inhumans.  She received the abilities to shape and size shift her body.  Taking on the former hero name of her hero, she calls herself Ms. Marvel.  By day, she is a  teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey  with trouble in school and with her over protective family.

Why? Ms Marvel is one of the best comic book series I am reading.  She is the female version of a high school Peter Parker. She is the nerdy/geeky smart girl who doesn’t fit in with the popular crown. She is trying to grow into her own skin with school, family, her religious beliefs, and heritage and then gets a new set of problems when given super abilities.

Where? This really should be Network television at its best.

Image via marvel.wikia.com

3) New Mutants

Who? What do you do with a group of teenage mutants who are still still developing their powers?  You cannot add them right away to the X-Men.  You create a team just for them. This is the New Mutants.

There have been several versions of the team lineup for the New Mutants (and later X-Force).  I would start with the original team and add members as the series continues. Cannonball flies with invulnerable energy force around him as he flies.  Karma has telepathic ability to possess other people’s bodies. Mirage/Pyche can create three-dimensional illusions and is a master shot with a bow.  Sunspot stores solar energy and gives him super strength.  Wolfsbane can transform into a wolf like creature.

Why? If you can take an X-Men character like Legion and give him his own series, you can create an awesome X-Men related series like this.  This group is fantastic and if done correctly would energize the X-Men related series.  This would be a fun learn your powers and learn how to be a team type of group.

You could play with this where the X-Men are missing and the New Mutants are on their own with out their mentors.  It has happened more than once for these teenagers over the years.

Where?  This series could work anywhere.  Make it accessible for the masses and don’t skimp on the special effects. No need for the CW like angsts.

Image via comicshistoryguy.historyguy.net

2) She-Hulk

Who? Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banners cousin. When she needed a blood transfusion, he gave his blood to save her. It also turned her green and gave her super strength.  Walters is one of the best lawyers out there.  Her super strength and durability is just a small piece of who the She-Hulk really is.

Why? Picture a Law and Order type of show with a seven foot tall green skinned lawyer, who is a Super Hero.  This show would be a blast going from the court room to the super battles. It could have hard hitting drama along with the action adventure of a super hero show.

She-Hulk would be a great female character on the screen. She could show how woman can be anything they want including a super hero lawyer with green skin.

Where? I would love to see this on Network TV but may be too quirky for the networks.

1) Squirrel Girl

Who? Squirrel Girl. Who?  You know The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  …Ummmm… She took down Doctor Doom and Thanos. Who?

Doreen Green was ridiculed for her unusual mutation where she looks like a squirrel. She took the teasing and created herself into a super hero. She has a long squirrel like prehensile tail, sharp teeth and claws, great leaping distance, a knuckle spike on each hand, and can communicate with squirrels.  Don’t forget her squirrel sidekick, Monkey Joe.

Why? In a world where a taking raccoon and walking tree are popular characters, Squirrel Girl is right up our alley.  This would be a fun series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  This would be a family friendly series that everyone could enjoy.

Where? I really think Netflix would be perfect for the extremely quirky and fun series just like A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Conclusion: This is our list.  What do you think about it? Tell us your thought.  What should we add and take away? We want to hear from you.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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