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Branson Con Day 1

Branson Con opened their doors for the first time on Friday March 8th.  Geeky KOOL was there to cover this fantastic first year.

Our day started before most on Friday.  Geeky KOOL was interviewed three different special guests.  Full interviews will be posted later.

Sean Gunn was our first interview.  Sean seemed honored to be at Branson Con.  He is a soft spoken guy gets a gleam in his eye when asked about growing up in Missouri and acting.  Sean came across as just a normal guy who acts for a living.  He stated at one point that he is just happy to be acting for a living.  He was a really nice and polite gentleman.  He is very conscience of politely talking about every he works with and working with his brother.

Nicholas “Nikki” Brendon was a ton of fun to interview.  He is boisterous, creative, and loud.  He jumped into different voices and had a great time being interviewed.  The interview started with his telling me to call him Nikki.  He was open to talk about everything from his role on Buffy to the Buffy Re-Boot to time on Criminal Minds to his public struggles with depression, suicide, and his arrests.  He would joke and have a ton of fun but also a serious side.

Voice Actor Andy Field was a  fun interview.  He is a former school teacher who found a career in voice acting. He now voices everything from Law School Help videos to animated movies to video games.  Andy is a great interview.  We discussed how voice acting is acting and how he is approaching this for every project.

After the fantastic interviews, I spent the rest of the day on the show floor. Fridays are always a good day to look around and shop because the floor traffic is always less than Saturday.  They had stores with Comics, book authors, art and artists, and specialty merchandise.  There are swords that are real. There are places to buy cos-play weapons.

They have a kids zone where kids can come play. There are games and activities. There is a place to play with remote cars.

This is a great small convention.  I hope Branson Con will continue back next year and continue to grow.

Stay Geeky!

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