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Alien Territory – A fan film shot at Ares Studios

What do you do if you find yourself someplace you have never been before? That is the question that 5 young teens need to answer in the fan film production “Alien Territory”. This short fan film finds them on an “alien bridge”, Olivia, Simon, an “unconscious” Pierce, Olivia’s “younger sister” Jane, and the “rudest person they have ever met” Emilia, they have to figure out both how they got there, and how to find their way out, without doing anything to make the situation worse.

The back and forth between Jane and her wide eyed curiosity and Olivia’s role as the protective older sister is a fun banter that anyone who grew up with siblings will have fond and not so fond memories of(yep it reminded me of myself and my older sister).  Simon is “the thinker” of the group, while Pierce who “wakes up” at the beginning of the film, is still trying to get his bearings and understand what the heck is going on.

Emilia has the role of “little miss priss”, bossy on one hand, while considering those she is stuck with as being beneath her.  The way she speaks down to Jane, and sits down in the captains chair reeks of snobbishness.

The film reminds me a bit of the 80’s teen comedy “The Breakfast Club” as each character has a defined role, and they do not step out of them in any way.  When Simon suggests they all split up to search for an exit, Olivia trips and makes their situation go from “bad to worse”.  As every rushes to grab on to something solid, it is up to the youngest member of the group to “save the day”.  Does she…….you will have to watch to find out.

The film ends on a cliffhanger, that leads people to wonder “what happened”? Are the kids alright? Will they find a way out?  Those questions are left unanswered and for now no sequel has been planned.  It deserves a follow up, as the actors all gave a really good accounting of themselves and the characters they play.

fan film rating – A-

Produced by JayPay Productions


Elena Goodrow as Olivia

Aric Wells as Simon

David Walterhouse as Pierce

McKenzie Souder as Jane

Cate Romich as Emilia



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