The GeekyGirl List: 30 minute Comedy Shows to Binge Watch

Hi everyone. Hope you are staying safe and staying inside as much as possible. During this time when so many of us have lots of free time… what can we watch to past the days. Here is a list of some 30 minute comedy series to binge watch. And yes in the last few months (I live and work in a tourist town so I only worked part time in the January and February) I have been binge watching a lot of shows.


Cheers is a classic NBC sitcom that sustained 11 seasons through charismatic characters, strange relationships, and a bunch of silly situations. Cheers a sitcom sit around a bar where everybody knows your name and they  liked each other even with huge personalities and differences. 

9. Great News

Every workplace is a family. But when Katie’s mom Carol gets hired as an intern on her news network… it becomes more of a reality. This off beat comedy has a great ensemble cast that keeps you distracted from the real world 30 minutes at a time. The only downfall, not enough seasons to binge.  

8. One Day at a Time

This Netflix original comedy is inspired by the 1975 series of the same name. The series follows the life of Penelope and her Cuban American family headed by her old school mom. With the help from her mom and building manager she is raising her two kids. A fun watch for everyone. The series offers a contemporary look at a true American family. 

7.  Friends 

6 friends face life and love in New York. Well it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year… You know this one right!  

6.  That 70s Show

A take of 1970s through the eyes of the all American teenager. The group of friends live in Wisconsin, where we watch them grow, change, and to becoming adults. 

5. The Good Place

In this comedy based on the afterlife The cast of characters bring a hilarious, charming and full of crazy twists. The show does bring some serious questions about life and the decisions that we make.

4. Santa Clarita Diet

What happens when a a real estate agent from Santa Clarita eats bad clams and becomes a zombie… what happens? Well this hilarious tv show let’s us see. I was so sad when it got canceled to be honest! Come on Netflix!!! 3 seasons aren’t enough!


3. Unbreakable Kimmy  Schmidt

Rescued after 15 years in an underground bunker where she was kept by a crazy man, Kimmy Schmidt decides to move to New York. This show follows her wide eyed enthusiasm with her roommate Titus! This show is so much fun!

2. Parks and Recreation

A mockumentary comedy show that was designed as a spin off of The Office. The show has one of the best ensemble casts in my opinion. It works around the parks department of a small town and all the characters who run it. With witty political humor and slapstick crudeness this show blends  it in a wonderful way.

1. The Office (U.S.) 

The Office US was a remake of a beloved British property. But I love the US version so much more. Welcome to the Dunder Mufflin paper company in this mockumentary. This is my favorite binge worthy tv!!

About A.J. Blanton

Hi my name is AJ and I am an artist and geeky girl out of Branson Missouri. Welcome to my Geeky-Girl-Ness.
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