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Theory About Captain Marvel & The Tesseract

My good friend, Mike Daugherty, has written a guest article for us.  This article is directly tied to the Captain Marvel movie and the Tesseract.  He has a theory that is worth considering around the end credit scene.

If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel, come back to this theory after you have seen it.


So I saw Captain Marvel over the weekend.  After watching the post credit scenes a theory jumped to mind that I’ve yet to see anyone else online talking about.  I reached out to one of my oldest friends with Geeky Cool to bounce it off of him and he asked me to write something up and he’d post it and we’d see what others think.  So please be gentle with me but here it is.

Everyone is talking about the post credit scene where Carol shows up in Avengers headquarters and asks about Fury but hardly anyone is talking about the scene with Goose and the coughing up of the tesseract.

To the best of my recollection  there has never been an post credit scene in any of the Marvel movies that is actually in the past, they all are scenes from events after the official movie ends.  So we have Goose hopping up on Furies desk and no one is there, my mind immediately takes this as after the snap, Furies missing and Goose has coughed up the tesseract after the events of Infinity War.

So going along that line of thought if this is the true tesseract then what have we seen in the previous movies?  We first see a tesseract in First Avenger and see Howard Stark recovering it off of the ocean floor.  Then it appears in the first Avengers movie, then Infinity War, and  in Captain Marvel.  If Shield has the tesseract at the end of First Avenger then how does Mar-Vell have it to create her light speed engine?

The engine Carol destroys and gets her powers from was pulling it’s energy from the Tesseract, which is powered by the infinity stone. If the stone was given to Thanos and placed in the gauntlet which we see at the end of Infinity War badly damaged, perhaps even destroyed. How does Carol still have her powers?  If the stone was being used by Thanos and the actual Tesseract that links to her powers was destroyed?

What if at some point a clever counterfeit is created and the true one was actually seen in the Captain Marvel movie.  Loki is the god of mischief and lies and he could have had the power to create a flawed duplicate.  This might explain his willingness to give the one he had to Thanos as he knew it was not the true Tesseract.

What if this is the one timeline that Doctor Strange saw that leads to them defeating Thanos.  Goose swallows the true tesseract and his abilities hide it from everyone, the one we saw starting in Captain America is a copy/counterfeit with lots of power but not the true stone.  This could be why the glove suffered damage as the counterfeit was pushed beyond it’s abilities.

–by Mike Daugherty

There you go. This is Mike’s theory on what is really going on. What are you thoughts? Let us know.

Stay Geeky!

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