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Rumor: DC Comics & Movies Could Be For Sale- Pure Speculation

Back in the 1960s, Warner Bros bought DC Comics.  Through out the years, they have exercised different level of control over the DC comic books and movies.  There is always that fine line of the level of control.

Over the last few years, DCEU attempt to compete with the Marvel Entertainment Universe.  The perception is that DC Comics is floundering while Marvel is kicking butt.  Warner Bros has been in the midst of control over the movies and making creative changes and making mass changes to movies even after they have finished filming.

DC Comics have hit a high over the last couple of years with their Rebirth Initiative. Their fans are excited and enthused for the changes going on at DC Comics with their favorite characters.  Even with this, comic books are not a growing industry.  If you compare issues sold to 25 years ago, comic books numbers have seriously shrunk.

AT&T made a deal to purchase all of Warner Bros and their assets for $85 billion including DC Comics and Entertainment.  The government is scrutinizing this buy out or merger heavily.  This deal may not go through. We won’t know until we hear from the U.S. Government on it.

In an article about the Batgirl movie, The Wrap reported that DC Comics and Entertainment could be sold off separately if the AT&T merger doesn’t go through.

In addition, a cloud looms over Warner Bros. because of the lawsuit by the Department of Justice against AT&T’s $85 billion bid to buy studio parent company Time Warner.

If the merger fails, an individual close to the company told TheWrap that Time Warner would likely be broken up into parts and sold separately as Warner Bros., HBO and Turner — leaving the fate of DC Comics a bit up in the air.  (The Wrap)

There are several articles out there reporting that DC maybe sold off to the highest bidder. They speculate on where DC Comic & Entertainment could be sold.  Many talk about the possibility of Disney buying up DC Comics. All the articles point back to the article by The Wrap The only source this article has is “an insider” in that article.

Before people speculate on who will purchase DC Comics, especially the speculation about Disney, we should step back for a moment.  This idea of DC being sold is barely mentioned in the article. It doesn’t speculate on who will purchase it.  The only source for it is one “insider”.  There is a good chance that selling DC Comics off to the highest bidder isn’t on the table at the moment.

Even if this source is right, this merger would have to be shut down by the government without a chance to resolve the differences.  The Republican party is less likely to squash this deal that a Democratic party lead government.

If Merger is not accepted by the government, Warner Bros would look at all viable alternatives.  This idea of selling off the parts of Warner Bros would have to be seen as the best option for that to move forward. After all of that happens, then it will be time to speculate on who will buy DC Comics.  Until then, it is all mindless speculation.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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