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Axanar Fan Artist Interview- Brendon Goodyear

1 – tell us a bit about your background?
I have been a graphic designer professionally for the past 15 years. Started with a company called Alderac Entertainment Group where I worked on various roleplaying games and collectible card games. Games such as Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, and Doomtown CCGs. The tabletop gaming industry is where I got my start and continues to be the place wherein I find most of my freelance work. Currently, I focus on freelancing, but also seeking a full-time job within the marketing or graphic design fields.
2 – what about Axanar(and the four years war) intrigued you to want to do fan art of that era in Star Trek?
Always been a Star Trek fan ever since I can remember, so I have always done little small graphics projects just for the sheer fun of doing them. My work with Axanar got started just as a fun thought experiment, “What would it look like if the USS Ares was the ship used in the original series rather than the USS Enterprise?” From there it blossomed into placing the Ares throughout the Star Trek universe, and eventually this lead to creating my own artistic visions of the Ares exploring the galaxy.
3 – how long does it take you to create and finish a piece of artwork?
That truly depends on the piece itself and what elements it contains. For example, placing the Ares in orbit of a planet will only take a few hours as long as the shadows line up and the light source matches the color of the light reflected off the ship’s hull. However for something more complex like the Ares inside a nebula where the ambient light has to match the light reflected light from the hull. Or a piece that involves multiple ships or background elements that have to be blended together, images such as these may take 10 -12 hours or more depending on how much detail I am including in the piece.
4 – what is your favorite ship in the Axanar time period to draw/create?
The USS Ares, truly there is little competition here.
5 – do you do commissions for fans? If so, what are the normal costs for them
That depends on what they want and how easily it will be able to be achieved. Anyone is free to contact me and we can work something out.
6 – website plug/contact information
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