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Wonder Woman’s New Look in Justice League: War

Hopefully, how Wonder Woman will look in the new animated movie Justice League: War.

With D.C. and Warner Bros. trying to align the current release of animated features with the events of more recent comic runs, their last entry, Flashpoint Paradox, made way for them to shape the next series of films around D.C.’s New 52 line of comics and characters, who are represented as much younger than they had previously been.  With all of these rebirths and reboots has come many character designs, and before the New 52, the character Wonder Woman had received a jacket and more covered look. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee did away with that suit after the Flashpoint Paradox run in the comics, giving the Amazonian princess a more traditional yet revealing look.  Although they had almost started her right and at least tried by giving her pants, that was very short-lived in favor of the high-thigh short shorts. However, from the footage of the next animated feature, Justice League: War, which was revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, it appears Wonder Woman will be sporting a more reserved costume even if she is keeping the shorts.  In a scene where Wonder Woman talks with Steve Trevor, the audience was shown Diana to be wearing a more covered outfit.  Since the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie had actually revealed more than the full-armored costume the Earth 2 Diana wore in the comics, this is a welcome and applauded change as her costume looks to go all the way up to her neck, with also some extra bit of sleeves added to the arm.

Below is a good comparison.  The first image is from an unknown source and is not known to be official, but is a very good and better representation of what we see in the only officially released picture above.   The other picture is from the current New 52 Wonder Woman title and does away with the tiara headband Jim Lee created during the New 52 designs, although that also initially had pants.  If you concentrate on above the chest, that is where the real difference can be spotted.

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The trend in comics seems to keep revealing more and more of heroine’s skin in the ongoing effort to appeal to middle-aged men, the most frequent purchaser of comics. What this leaves, and as we have discussed on this site before, is a poor representation of women and an unfortunate type of role model for young females who would otherwise might be enthused to follow a strong female character title. One hideous example is the recent reversal of Power Girl’s costume after a complete cover up following Flashpoint to the cleavage-revealing costume she previously wore before the event.  If the pictures above represent the costume Wonder Woman uses throughout the new animated movie, then it is a step in the right direction, but I dare say if it will make its way back into the comics or be a theme that reaches into other character designs.  And with that said, is even the changes made to the Wonder Woman costume for Justice League: War enough, or should we look on the opposite end and wonder if it begins to take away from the iconic and traditional look of the character, and perhaps the reserved changes should be left for other characters?  I personally think this new animated look is more respectable and a great compromise, although I do not understand the “V” shape on the belt buckle area which worries me a bit.  I would like to see more of the detail put back into it as it is within the comics if this new costume look should work its way back into the source material, but I can understand why those details are left out in animation as it takes so much more time to draw.  What do you think?  Is this type of change enough?  What Wonder Woman look do you feel is best?  Or should we just go watch Linda Carter Wonder Woman episodes and give up?

Justice League: War will adapt the first story run of the renumbered Justice League line revamped during D.C.’s New 52 line up, and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014.

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