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Web Series: SO NOT SUPER (Episode 1- A Good Old-Fashioned Origin Story)

Web Series: SO NOT SUPER
My good friends at Day 304 Productions have released their latest web series. I have been excited for this series for months. When Gary and Julie discussed this series, I became gitty as a school girl. This first episode didn’t disappoint but wetted my appetite for more.

The premise of the series is group counseling for people with minor super powers. These aren’t the big league heroes that typically save the day. Their power sets are unique and not very helpful against the villainy of the world. These characters remind me of some of my favorite comical characters from the Legion of Substitute Heroes, Great Lake Avengers, and Ambush Bug. You could also compare them to the movie characters in the cult classic, Mystery Men.

The group session starts off with positive words of affirmation. Then it moves into introductions. Things quickly get derailed in the session, as often happens in group counseling.   Having been a group therapist in my past (Larry), this made me chuckle. I have been involved with and led  similar groups to this one.

Episode 1 of this series, hits a home run for me and I give it an A+.

Make sure to check out all of the videos from Day 304 Productions and like this Web Series, SO NOT SUPER, on Youtube.

I forgot to mention, a well known comic book artist does make a brief appearance in this first episode.  Can anyone tell me who it is?

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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