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Villain for “Spider-Men” Miniseries Revealed

I have already wrote about the KOOL upcoming miniseries, “Spider-Men”.  It is a crossover between the regular Marvel Universe Spider-Man (AKA Peter Parker) and the Ultimate Universe’ new Spider-Man (Miles Morales). After the announcement of this short series, it left the fans with tons of questions including what would bring the Spider-Man of different universes together.

Friday’s USA Today broke the news the villain that will bring Peter Parker and Miles Morales face to face for the first time.  Mysterio, the Master of Illusion, will be the main villain for this miniseries. Mysterio discovers a rift between the universes and has been exploiting it for some time.

Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s oldest antagonists.  Some people may think of Mysterio’s fishbowl like helmet and a guy with no real powers.  That is true but Mysterio can be a very dangerous villain and has caused significant chaos in both universes.

It was also revealed that Peter will be going to the Ultimate Universe (Earth 1610)  instead of Miles coming to the Earth 616 (regular Marvel Universe). This should lead to some interesting interaction in a world whose Peter Parker has died and Gwen Stacy is still alive.

Look for Spider-Men at your local comic shop in June or request a subscription to the series (do it now while so the shop can pre-order it for you and save you a copy of every issue)

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