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Village Council Gives Vampire Warning to Residents

Image of the Old Mill prior to it falling apart  – http://naesnests.files.wordpress.com

According to the AP, the Village Council of  ZAROZJE, Serbia has issued a vampire warning to their residents and any tourists.  The recommend lots of garlic around the inside and outside of homes and in their pockets.  The Counsel also recommended crosses in every room to help ward off the vampire menace. Oh don’t forget to sharpen and carry your wooden stakes if you are going to be in the region.

What has spurred on this warning?  They believe the legendary vampire Sava Savanovic, who might also be a ghost, has awaken from his decades of sleep.  Legend has the famous vampire lived in an old mill  on the Rogacica river and would suck blood from anyone who would come to grind grain. Recently the old mill has fallen down.  The locals believe that the destruction of the mill has awaken Savanovic, he is looking for a new home, and his temper is flaring.

Some locals claim they can hear steps cracking dry forest leaves and strange sounds coming from the rocky mountain peaks where the vampire was purportedly killed with a sharp stake that pierced his heart – but managed to survive in spirit as a butterfly.

“One should always remain calm, it’s important not to frighten him, you shouldn’t make fun of him,” said villager Mico Matic, 56, whose house is not far from the collapsed mill.

“He is just one of the neighbors, you do your best to be on friendly terms with him,” he said with a wry smile, displaying garlic from both of his trouser pockets.

Some locals say it’s easy for strangers to laugh at them, but they truly believe.  “Five people have recently died one after another in our small community, one hanging himself,” said Miodrag Vujetic, a local municipal council member. “This is not by accident.” (AP)

 The rumors of Sava Savanovic might be true.  He appears to have a website on the world wide web, savasavanovic.com, and is updating them several times a day.  Check it out.  He is pretty tech savvy for a member of the older generation.

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