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TV Review: Lost Girl

I saw the preview for this show on SyFy and thought it looked very cool. I love shows based around unique but attractive female leads. Would I dig this show like Dark Angel and Alias or would this be another hum-drum SyFy want to be?
Bo is a young woman who knows she is different than other people. She sucks their lives out when kissing them. She discovers that she is a  supernatural being, Succubus. Most Succubus are raised and trained to develop their abilities. They are usually in clans that are broken up into the Light and the Dark side.  Bo picks neither side and becomes a rouge.

What I liked about this Show:
Bo was an intriguing character. She was complex and unsure how to control her some of her special abilities. She knows how to manipulate people with some sort of pheromone.  She appears to have heighten senses and reflexes. But she cannot control her life draining from others and needs to drain others to maintain herself and maybe other abilities.

The story built for a much larger scale adventure. They introduced characters that will be allies and some will be opponents and some maybe a little of both. It made me want more.

What I did not Like:
The writing is not the highest level (at least on this first episode). It is a common issue with sci fi/ fantasy shows. It wasn’t bad enough for me to give up on this series.Review:
I enjoyed this first episode. I am excited to the see the next. It was not the greatest show ever. It didn’t grab me at the level of Dark Angel or Alias but still I really enjoyed it. It will be set on my DVR for at least the first season.
After some research, I found that this series is a Canadian series that has finished season 2 and has been been approved for season 3.
My Grade:B

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IMDB: 7.7
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