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TV Review: Comic Book Men

I love my comic books. I enjoy some of the Kevin Smith movies. I have always wanted to see the back workings of a Comic Store.  I had great hope for this show going into the first episode.


Kevin Smith and his group of comic book men are broadcasting a podcast. They discuss issues going on in the store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Comic Store.  During the podcast, they flash to what occurred during the last week and the camera crew was there to capture it.

What I liked about this Show:

Geeky guys sitting around talking about comics and stuff is entertainment to me. It reminded me hanging out with some of my friends.

What I did not Like:

The characters were not really likable. Bryan Johnson is mean and obnoxious to Ming Chen. Honestly, I didn’t really like any of them other than Ming.

This show mainly focused on people bringing in items and trying to get the store to buy them. They brought in comic books, movie posters, a Chucky doll, and zombie pictures. It reminded me of the many Pawn reality shows.  Boorrrring!

Where is the discussion of comic books? They did not discuss comic books during this show. I really didn’t learn anything about the inner working of a comic shop other than people want comic stores to buy their stuff.


I honestly felt like I was wasting an hour of my life. I found it to be terribly boring.

I will give this show another episode but it will soon be deleted from my DVR if next week doesn’t grab me.  

My Grade:D+

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