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Titans of the FANTASTIC ~Geek Talk Show~ Goes Live

I have been working on a project for over six month with my fellow geek buddies, Keith Moncrief and Brittney Greer.  We have taken an idea of making a geek based talk show and hammered it out.  All three of us have separately wanted to do a talk show for a long time. We set out to make this geek talk show series.

Our goal to make a series that is part traditional talk show like the Tonight Show or the View and mix in a geek podcast/ vlog.  We want to bring in regular guests to interview, talk news, and play games.  We are developing this to be a full experience.

I have been dying to talk about this project on Geeky KOOL for a long time but we have held out until we got an episode in the bag. Here is our first episode Titans of the FANTASTIC~Geek Talk Show.  Now I can talk about it and share it with the world.

We have numerous ways for you to watch  Titans of the FANTASTIC~Geek Talk Show.  We will Facebook live our episodes on the  Titans of the FANTASTIC Facebook page.  You can check them out there and please like our page.  We also have  the Titans of the FANTASTIC Youtube Channel for you to enjoy and subscribe.  We are discussing a traditional podcast set up for people to listen.  Of course, all of the episodes will be posted on Geeky KOOL for your convenience.

Keith Moncrief has a variety of KOOL geek experience and credentials.  He is an actor is several web series and other productions.  As a founding partner of the geek podcast, Fanatics and the Fan, he brings a ton of broadcast experience with him.  He is a master of geek trivia and knowledge, which we dedicate two sections of the show.  Keith gives this Geek Talk show a ton of experience and knowledge.

Brittney Greer is c0-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment, L.L.C.  Brittney has been nominated for Best Director for South of Swan Creek from the Christian Online Film Festival! Brittney is an expert on numerous geeky fandoms including Buffy and DC Comics.

I am honored to share Titans of the FANTASTIC with these two.  We have our first episode down and I am already psyched for our next episode.

Check out part 1 and 2 of our first episode.

We had technical Difficulties at one point which caused us to divide up the video.  Both are a bit lengthy.  We hope to get it more in hand as we go on so they aren’t so long. The challenge is that we all three love to talk geek and our thoughts.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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