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Tim Shinn Interview

Tim Shinn has done artwork for multiple comics including Batman, and Grumpy Cat, as well as storyboards for commercials and tv shows. This year I got an interview with him for Geekykool, the Grumpy Cat cover shown above is an exclusive for Tidewater Comicon.

Me: You’ve been know to work on Batman covers and other comics, what projects do you have going on now?

Tim Shinn: Well I have a lot going on right now. Im working on a couple of storyboards. I’m also waiting on a new issue of Batman to get inked so I can color it, and Im starting to work on a 20 page graphic movel for The Challenge.

Me: Sounds like you’re pretty busy these days.

Tim Shinn: Yes, I like to do animation stuff in general. I also designed the box art for Bucky O’Hare. In my free time I love to do commissions to keep busy. I also recently finished a storyboard for a Klondike commercial. It can be tough sometimes as a single day, with driving my kids to little league baseball, and football practice. But I try to make sure that I have the time to spend with them, when I pick them up for the weekends on Thursdays. When I leave today I’ll still have 20 storyboard drawings I’ll have to work on, probably won’t be able to stop until 6am.

Tim Shinn’s artwork can also be found on Deviantart at timshinn73.deviantart.com.


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