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The Lunchbox Press @ VisionCon

Lunch Box Press had an awesome panel at VisionCon.  Kevin Watkins, Adam McLaughlin, Javier Saltares, and Matt Saltares discussed their awesome comic book Listen to the Thunder issue 1 and the process of creating an indie comic.  Matt Saltares created the trailer for the Kickstarter campaign.  Click here to read my review of Listen to the Thunder issue 1.  They are in Process of creating Listen to the Thunder issue #2.  You can expect a Kickstarter campaign later in the year for issue #2.

Lunch Box Press is expanding their comic book line.  They will create a  horror anthology titled Graveyard Slaughter.  Graveyard Slaughter is a 50 plus page horror anthology comic book.  It is a throwback to the classic 80s horror genre.  It will seep of carnage and goo.

Lunch Box Press has hit a home run with the staff they have assembled for Graveyard Slaughter.  Cullen Bunn is awesome comic writer who is writing a ton of books including books for Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and Oni.   Listen to the Thunder writer and co-creator of Lunch Box Press, Kevin Watkins, will also write for Graveyard Slaughter. Legendary comic artist Javier Saltares (best known for his run on Ghost Rider) will team up with  Listen to the Thunder artist and co-creator of Lunch Box Press, Adam McLaughlin, and Indie Sensations Gary Bedell and Ryan Wheaton.

This is an all star team.  If you picked any writer and artist on this list, this comic would rock. But put them all together and this anthology comic book will be sensational.

Graveyard Slaughter will have a Kickstarter project later in 2017.  You can expect Geeky KOOL to cover this as more details unfold.  

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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