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The Flash (TV) Announces John Wesley Shipp’s Role

Image via I09

Image via I09

Several months ago the casting of John Wesley Shipp was leaked for the new CW’s Flash television series.  Shipp was the original Television Flash back in 1990-91 on CBS. It wasn’t revealed what his role would be at this time.

The CW and the Flash Television series announced Shipp’s role. He will portray Barry Allen’s (Flash) father, Henry Allen.  His character will be a reoccuring character on the series and is suppose to be instrumental in the premiere episode.

There was a ton of speculation about the role that Shipp might play. Many people has speculated that Shipp might become The Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom.  There was some thought he might become one of the Rouges. But that was not to be. We will not see Shipp back in a super suit.

(Via THR)

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