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The All-New All-Different Amazing Spider-Man


Image via MTV.com

Last week Marvel announced that Miles Morales will be he new Spider-Man in “Spider-Man” comics. At that time, I speculated that Peter would still be a Spider-Man and most likely in “Amazing Spider-Man“. It feels really good to be right.

According to MTV.com, Peter will continue to be the web head in the Flagship comic, the Amazing Spider-Man.  But this isn’t the same lovable loser Peter Parker from the last 50 plus years.  Peter is maturing and now owns his own business, Parker Industries.  He is a well known inventor and entrepreneur.

Image via MTV.com

Image via MTV.com

But since this is the All-New All-Different Spidey, some changes had to happen to Spider-Man.  The Wall Crawler will have a brand new costume with gadgets inside (see above image).  The new costume designed by Alex Ross.  It is a play off the traditional Red and Blue (sometimes black) tights.  I love the new spider on the chest. It is pretty KOOL.

Image via MTV.com

Spidey will also be getting a “Spider-Mobile”.  Yes this is a throw back to the short lived Spider-Buggy of the 70s.  This car is pretty KOOL.  The Web Slinger will be traveling outside of the skyscraper landscape of New York so he just might need a special car.  It still makes me giggle.

The below image show the mock up the new “Spider-Mobile”.  I love how it transforms from car to Spider mode.  Pretty KOOL.

Image via MTV.com

Image via MTV.com

Amazing Spider-Man will continue to be written by Dan Slott. Giuseppe Camuncoli will be artist on the series.  Slott is a genius when it comes to writing Peter Parker, Spider-Man, and his cast of great friends and enemies.


Stay Geeky My Friends!


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