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Super Mario ‘Kour

I think I like parkour because it is just something I used to sort of do before there was a name for it and I thought I could one day be a superhero, but mainly because it is something I wish I could do now but am now at the age I must take more prudence.  Of course, watching plain old parkour is never fun, but when cosplay enters into the picture, like it did with the previous Assassin’s Creed video I posted in August, our geek fantasies start to step into reality and come alive.  Much like the Assassins video, the camera follows these performers as they romp through the real world, turned into part of a Mario World Mushroom Kingdom, complete with mushrooms, coins, and flames.  With the added CGI, you feel like you should be picking up a controller and continuing to play the next life at the end.  Check it out!

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