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Summer TV shows that I am watching

Remember when summertime meant all of your shows were in re-runs.  It is no longer the 80’s (as much as I hate to admit it). Now days summer is a perfect time for new episodes of summer shows. These series are usually on cable (or satellite) channels.  Here is what has been filling up my DVR all summer and my thoughts on them. Some of these series have just began and others have already come to a conclusion.

Haven– on SyFy
About the show: Haven is a show about a town in Maine where weird things happen. It is loosely inspired by the  Stephen King book, The Colorado Kid.  Former FBI agent Audrey Parker investigates strange occurrences the town. Some of the people in town have “the troubles” which are abilities that often cause the town ills.

My Thoughts: The first few episodes were interesting but built very slowly. By the end of season 1, I came to really liked this show. But the second season has cranked up the intensity. It has the X-File feel to it but is not a rip off of that classic show. It is fun, strange, and cool. It is worth watching especially if you like the bizarre and strange side of sci fi.

Eureka on SyFy

About the show: You put the most brilliant minds in the country in one town. Give them the freedom to experiment and put their skills to use. Throw in a former FBI agent as the town sheriff. You have receipt for chaos and fun.

My Thoughts: This is a fun show that often stays on the lighter side. The season 4 floating bank episode was delightful and laugh out loud funny. This is a science fiction lite show with a lot of scientific jargon thrown around.  It is a fun show that I don’t have to think too much to watch.

Just read that SyFy is canceling Eureka because of money. It is the most popular show on SyFy. That is the wrong way to do business.

Warehouse 13 on SyFy

About the show: There are artifacts with special abilities in the world. Often they have a  extremely negative effect on people around them. There is an agency that finds the artifacts and stores them safely. Warehouse 13 is the agency and the facility where they store these artifacts.

My Thoughts: Quirky and fun characters is the hub of this show.  I love the interaction between the main characters – Pete and Myka. The other characters are great including their version of H.G. Wells. The show is extremely well written. This show never fails to bring me a smile to my face.

Burn Notice on USA

About the show: A spy is burned (cast off) unfairly. He uses his skills, abilities, and friends to help others. He uses his abilities to track those that burnt him and get his life back.

My Thoughts: I have always loved spy movies and shows.  Burn Notice has aspects of other shows of but has its own style. It is addictively fun. I love the way the main character monologues about why he is using certain tactics and processes in specific situations. Did I mention this show has the great Bruce Campbell?

Hot In Cleveland on AMC

About the show: 3 middle aged ladies from L.A. have a layover in Cleveland. They discover the men in Cleveland find them “hot”. They deside to stay in Cleveland and buy a house with an old caretaker (Betty White).

My Thoughts: Betty White is hysterical in this comedy. I love Valerie Bertinelli and she still plays the girl next door. This show is not some chick comedy but a laugh out loud comedy which is enjoyable for men and women.

Franklin and Bash on USA

About the show: Two hotshot lawyers are struggling to make it on their own. They use ever tactic and bag of tricks they can to get their clients off. F&B join a big firm and the conflicts between Franklin and Bash’s style and the big dollar lawyers proper ways.

My Thoughts: This is a fun non-typical lawyer show. The quirky characters make this worth watching. I can not wait to see what they will do next. It is a guilty pleasure.

Covert Affairs on USA

About the show: New CIA field agent Annie Walker gets her feet wet as an agent. She has to juggle her new career and her family life- sister and nieces.

My Thoughts: I love this show. It has an “Alias” feel to it without the hot dresses, Rambaldi, and the kick butt moves. But it might be what Sydney was like in the beginning.
It is a fun show with great characters. I love Auggie, the blind computer agent.

A season and a half in, and I love this series.

Alphas on SyFy

About the show: Think X-Men in our world. Some people develop special abilities and are called Alphas. The main group come together to solve crimes involving other Alphas.

My Thoughts: The first few episodes have been a bit slow. I hope it is building somewhere cool. I will keep watching for now but you better grab my attention soon.

Outcasts on BBCA

About the show: Human kind has put  a colony on the harsh terrain of the planet Carpathia. The town of Forthaven struggles to survive.

My Thoughts: I really wanted to like this show.  I love most sci fi shows on BBCA. This one lost my attention.  I tried to get into it but just could not.

Falling Skies on TNT

About the show: Earth is attacked by aliens. Most people are dead. Our children are taken as slaves. Some of the survivors form a resistance to take our world back.

My Thoughts: This show developed slowly but built all season. By the end, I was really digging this show. Like most good sci fi shows, it was about more than just sci fi. This show is about family and what people will do to bring back their family.  
I was very surprised by the end of the season finale.  It is difficult to surprise me with a television show but this one did it.

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