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Star Wars in 80’s Animation Style

Hello, fellow geeks! I thought I would poke my head in and enjoy the scenery that is GeekyKool.com and figured I finally would have a moment to pass on something the internet has laid in my lap. I am not shy about the fact I am not crazy about anime but I am very fond of several American cartoons from the 1980’s done in a simplified anime style like Thundercats and Saturday morning’s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. The video below takes the idea if Star Wars had been left to the creativity of anime artists of that time period and makes a good case that, although it may not have always represented the Star Wars Lucas canon, it would have undoubtedly been very KOOL to watch!  Given that Darkhorse Comics has been doing a comic book version of Lucas’s first draft of “The Star Wars” which is different in many ways from what appeared on screen in 1977, I would not mind seeing several episodes of this vision of the Star Wars universe.  If the upcoming Star Wars Rebels gets me as excited as the action and drama represented in this small snippet of an alternate universe animated version of the coveted original trilogy, then I simply can’t wait for it!

Source: Naco Punch via YouTube

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