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“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is the 8th episode in the main “Star Wars” saga taking off were 2015’s massive reboot “The Force Awakens”, which featured the return of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. Ford added some energy and fun to this latest trilogy. But Han’s gone (and that certainly isn’t a spoiler by now), so it’s Luke and Leia who take center stage this time.


And this really brings the “Star Wars” franchise back to its roots. Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker and the late Carrie Fisher’s once Princess/now General Leia are at the core of “The Last Jedi”.

Writer/director Rian Johnson (“Looper”) provides both of these iconic characters plenty of screen time though they remain separated most of the way.



The foundation and building of “Jedi” is classic “Star Wars”. There are a few synchronized stories, each revolving around one of the young heroes from “The Force Awakens”: Rey (Daisy Ridley), who’s found Luke on his hidden island and now needs his help to keep the Resistance alive; Hot-shot fighter pilot Poe (played by Oscar Isaac), who’s part of Leia‘s combat team; and Finn (John Boyega), who’s on his own side mission. Plus Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren still thinks he can be better than Darth Vader, is still dealing with an identity crisis.


Joining the star-studded “Jedi” ensemble are Benicio del Toro, Justin Theroux and Laura Dern, in a bold purple wig. Some get more screen time than others.

However, there are some weak elements to the script. Following a nice action sequence to kick things off, “The Last Jedi” seemed to slow down for the next hour. One sequence at a casino that feels like it belongs in a “Harry Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts” film rather than a modern-day “Star Wars” chapter.



For the little ones, BB-8 and the adorable Porgs will be hits. There is an interesting cameo that nearly looked animated at 1st. The one thing every one is talking about, who is Rey’s Parents is addressed (sort of a Neo meets The Oracle from the original “Matrix” kind-of-a feel). It seems like she is lied to and bullied just to put her in her place.


3D is much better here as apposed to “The Force Awakens” that only had 1 decent shot and the Falcon chase scene that really popped. Over all I was very impressed with this one, there are some wow moments that I’m sure will get die hard fans and others some excitement. I really loved what they did with L



uke at the end, granted it was bit obvious but still fun to watch. A lot of people having mixed feelings about Luke in this one, but considering we only get a little bit about what happened in the last 30 years it seems like he’s dealing with PTSD.

J.J. Abrams will be back to steer the series home in 2019 with what one can only hope is an epic “Episode IX”.

Rating Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action and violence.

This one could have gone the PG route its not nearly as graphic

I give it a solid A

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