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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes Life gets in the way.  It has been over a week since I posted on Geeky KOOL. I know that many of you have noticed the silence.  No, Geeky KOOL hasn’t gone away.

Sometimes you have to do an audible in life.  Life doesn’t always go as planned. You wake up with a plan for the day but things change where you are out of town for a week. As much as I love Geeky KOOL and posting about awesome stuff, there are things more important like family.

My other writers have been very busy over the last week.  They didn’t have opportunity to cover for my absence.

Rarely will we go more than a day without a post.  Most days, we have multiple posts.  But occasionally life will get in the way.  When that happens, please be patient with us and we will be back to regular posting as soon as possible.d

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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