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Season Review: Stranger Things 3 (Spoilerless)

Season 3 of Netflix Stranger Things came out last Thursday. This season was set around the 4th of July in Hawkins, Indiana so it was fitting that the season came out on July 4th. As per the Netflix norm, all 8 episodes were instantly available to stream (yes only 8 episodes).

with season 1, Stranger Things quickly became my favorite show to watch. Season 2 kept it right there for me.  The combination of 80s culture, awesome characters with the kids, and the feel of combining a Steven Spielberg and Stephen King stories had me engrossed from the first episode all the way through both seasons. The writing has been intelligent. The characters are engrossing and the acting top notch.  But how would Season 3 hold up to my high expectations?

Season 3 has a different feel to it but that is not a bad thing.  The characters, especially the kids, have grown and have new sets of problems and challenges.  The story has evolved and changed since L closed the gate.  Everything has changed but in a very natural way for our characters and plot but in a natural way.

This season focuses on relationships.  The teen relationships of boyfriends and girlfriends. It shows how the friendships change and those that don’t want things to be different.  New friendships form with new and different characters over this season.  it is all very natural and normal teen and adult angst.

I really enjoyed how they brought in a stereotypical 80s plot device with some of the protagonists.  Anyone who has watched even a couple of episodes will know right what I am talking about.  It took me back to any numerous 80s movies and shows.  They used this set of protagonists in a fun but intense way that really worked.

The mall was a center place for teens to go and hang during the 80s.  It was a social hang out, a place to work, and a destination for us in the 80s.  This series shows all of those aspects and more for the mall.  The mall is a focal point of this series.

There were three pretty cool new characters added to this season.  Robin is an interesting character who works with Steve (who I know like as a character) at Scoops Ahoy at the Mall and becomes a major character as the season develops.  Mayor Larry is played by Cary Elwes (Princess Bride) and is a typical politician.  Alexei is a member of a protagonist group but I soon developed a fondness for him. Lucas’ sister, Erica, becomes an obnoxious but important character for our story.

This season is much more of a horror/ blood and guts season than the previous two seasons.  In the past, there has been a lot of suspense and deaths off screen.  This season had more of an “Aliens” monster type of feel.  At one point I thought they were going for a “rip off” of a classic horror movie but then it turns and becomes something very different.

Review Summary: I loved this season of Stranger Things.  Yes it is different than the first two seasons but in a natural and growing way.  The style of this season changed but not too much.  The characters and the good writing continue to draw me in.  This was another awesome season leaving me asking for more.  When will season Four be ready? Come on Netflix, I want it NOW!

Grade: A+

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