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Rumor: Disney+ Will Have Marvel “What If” Series

Marvel Comics began telling alternative reality stories for their characters since 1977.  These stories would take a well known part of Marvel history and continuity and change it for a story.  These alternative Marvel stories were call “What If“.  The first ever story was “What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?”.  It then told a story how this changed our characters.

There were stories about Uncle Ben living, Gwen Stacy Living, the Avengers Never Forming, Venom Possessing the Punisher, and tons more.  If you ever wandered what if this would have happened to this character, it is a good chance Marvel wrote a comic about it.  These stories were entertaining without having to worry about the long term affects because it was only a “What If” issue.

According to slashfilm, this different universe will not only be a fun read but will be a new television series on the streaming service, Disney+.  It appears this will be an animated series. You will see your favorite characters like you haven’t seen them before.  We can see the “What If” on our favorite Marvel characters.  You might get some of the live action stars doing the voices of their characters.

This is a fun idea.  I am excited for Disney+ to kick off and start taking my money.

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