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Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy

Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy passed away today at age 83. Nimoy is best known for his role as Mr Spock on Star Trek.

I morn the loss of Leonard Nimoy.  He is an icon as an actor and in the science fiction realm.  He always had a presence on screen that made you pay attention to him.

Below is a video clip from the original Star Trek run from the 60s. You can see some of Nimoy’s range as Mr Spock.

Leonard Nimoy was also a singer. Here is his famous Bilbo Baggins tune from the 70s. It makes me smile.

Below is a fitting clip from Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn. Spock sacrificed himself to save the crew of the Enterprise. Here is the final goodbye (until the next movie) for Spock.

Rest In Peace Mr Nimoy!

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