Planet Comicon Kansas City Open Ceremony

Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017 begins with the Opening Ceremony.  The anticipation and excitement is high for the first day of this convention.  Everyone is friendly and happy as we found our way into the convention hall for the kickoff.

As members of the press, we found our way into the front two rows of the ceremony.  We are crowded in with other press members and those with fast passes.  It does pay to get a fast pass.

The opening ceremony started with beautiful actres Clare Kramer, Buffy.  She brought out Chris Jackson, the Creator of Planet Comicon Kansas City and interviewed him.  It was cool to see a star like Clare interviewing Chris.

The Interactive/ Entertainment section was highlighted for the show. It is a new section like the Places like Worlds of Fun, Legoland, and KC Reinsfaire.

Talked about the parties afterwards.  This year there will be after convention activies that are assocaited with Planet Comicon.

The NWL, National Wrastling League, was here.  It is based on characters of wrestlers.  There is crossover between comic book fans and wrestling fans.  There will be a huge wrestling match between the St. Louis and Kansas City champions.  A wresting match almost broke out.

There was a special meeting for a child, Davy, with a disability.  He met Spencer who is the voice of Darth Vader and a bunch of 501st.  He was presented with a costume for Rock and Roll Costumes, who makes costumes for people in wheel chairs. Engeneer a Better World at Olatha High School.

They brought out all of the special guests and cosplayers. It was pretty awesome.

Stay tune for more on Planet Comicon Kansas City.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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