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Planet Comicon Kansas City Day 3- In Review

Day Three of Planet Comicon Kansas City was a fun and full day. It started with my butt dragging.  A three day Con is always a blast but day three is the hardest to get going.  The excitement had worn off and the exhaustion had set in.  It didn’t help that I woke up with bad allergies kicking in or a bad cold.  Bryan, “Naked” Mike and me were all weary as the day began.

Bryan and I were privileged to hit the convention floor an hour before it opened as members of the press.  The previous days we did get in early but it was 20-30 early.  On Sunday were were the first two people to hit the show floor that were exhibitors or Convention staff.  I have to say, it is KOOL way to see the convention floor.

Most of the exhibitors were slowly getting their booth together.  Many didn’t show up until right before the doors opened.

We stopped by our friend E.M. Ervin‘s booth where she is selling her awesome book series, Nasaru Chronicles (check it out- you will thank me), and gave her a big hug.  She is such an awesome person that she offered to store some of our stuff at her booth.

We quickly found out way over to get Coffee.  I had two small cups at the hotel but they weren’t very good.  But the coffee at the vendor on the show floor was good.  You can see by the picture up top, it meets the high standards of the Justice League. Who knew Superman took cream in his cofffee?  Hmmmm

I spent a lot of time checking out the Show Floor.  After 2 days, I still had not seen it all.  I checked out where the media stars were sitting and lot of them had long lines even 30 minutes after the show floor opened.

The show floor got busy quick.  I wasn’t expecting the amount of people on the show floor. It was hard to walk through some of the isles.   It was bustling from 11 am until after 3 pm and then it was still busy.

I realized I needed to find some panels to check out.  They have awesome panels going on all convention long but the Sunday panels are usually great and helpful for a worn out geek journalist like me.  I attended three awesome panels: Time Travel and Social Injustice: Why the X-Men Matter; Making Good Bad Guys; and The Horrible Movie Podcast (Geeky KOOL has scheduled a show with them).  We will get these panels reviewed later this week.

It was an awesome convention for Planet Comicon Kansas City‘s 20th anniversary.  The three of us had a great time as media and guests.  We cannot wait until next year to cover it again.

Stay Geeky!

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