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Planet Comicon 2019 First Day Pros & Cons.

Day one is in the books and here are my Pros and Cons from my time on the floor.


Pro:  The floor staying open until 8:00 pm.

Con:  The floor opening at 1:00 pm.

Pro:  Being in the press means getting on the floor as #3 in line.

Con:  The move to severely limit how many comics you can get signed.

Pro:  Some artists still feel collectors aren’t getting those signatures just to make money.

Con:  The move by some creators to only sign books for $$$.

Pro:  The fun sessions talking about the creative process of comics.

Pro/Con:  The fact that we have to have a session called:  “Remembering Stan Lee”.

Pro:  Jimmy Palmiotti’s stories and his dead-on impression of Stan Lee’s voice.

Pro:  Finding out Amanda Conner “slept” with Stan Lee.

Pro:  Chris Claremont’s stories about how he first met and worked with Stan Lee.

Con:  Since the floor is open until 8pm, not leaving to eat until much later than a 50-year-old’s digestive tract can stand.

Pro:  Eating at Arthur Bryant for the first time.


More to come soon!

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