New Star Wars Films to Have Less CGI, More Models

Star-Wars LogoThere is little in geekdom that is more precious to me than Star Wars.  At age seven, I experienced Star Wars for the first time and it dominated my childhood from the moment I saw the first Star Destroyer on the movie screen.  Star Wars became the focal point of my play with other kids and when I was by myself.  I dreamed about becoming a Jedi and learning the ways of the force.  Any Star Wars news will get my attention.

According to Metro, Kathleen Kennedy, Episode VII producer, has stated that episode VII will return to more practical special effect. They will use more models, droids, and real locations. They will merge the great CGI effects with the more traditional. They are attempting to tap into more of the magic of the original trilogy.

She realizes that the story and characters made the original trilogy great.  The dialog will be a focal point.  She stated that if the effects are awesome but the story is not compelling then the movies will not stack up.  Hearing this sends glimmers of hope through me that maybe, just maybe, Star Wars could be great once again.

They have a great writing crew assembled to help them. J.J. Abrams is involved.  Michael Arndt, writer of Toy Story and Little Miss Sunshine, Larry Kasdan, Empire and Jedi writer, and Simon Kinberg.  I believe this crew can create wonderful story with compelling characters and dialog.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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