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Kickstarter- Hex X Jim Lee Backpacks

As many of you know, I love to promote KOOL and geeky Kickstarters.  Usually I am promoting the little guy.  I would not call Jim Lee,  Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, a little guy.  But this is a really KOOL idea from a guy that is known for thinking out of the box.

Hex X has teamed up with Jim Lee to create two new really KOOL backpacks. The first Backpack is for artists.  It has places for all of the art supplies while you are traveling. This includes a pocket to keep your ink in so it won’t leak all over your stuff.

The second backpack is exciting for me as a comic guy.  It is a backpack designed for comic book fans and collectors. It is perfect for taking comics to conventions. It even has a way to lock down the pockets in case you have some expensive comics inside.  All of them have awesome Jim Lee art on the inside of the backpack.

There is a limited run of backpacks with Jim Lee’s Batman on the pocket of the backpack.  It is awesome looking. Carrying this around a convention would be awesome.

Check out the Kickstarter here. Check out the video below.

Stay Geeky!


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