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Kickstarter: Champions of Erendil Vol. 1 (Trade)

Champions of Erendil
Here is a comic book trade publication by two local teenage girls. Maia and Luna Cooper decided to create a fantasy comic when they were thirteen. After six published issues, they are ready to put together a trade but they need some assistance in paying for the printing.

Here is a noble cause to join up with while also being able to get a lot of KOOL stuff like a copy of the trade from these young ladies.

Champions of Erendil Volume 1 will collect the first 6 issues into a quality printed trade paperback and tell the fantastic tale of a gathering of heroes.

Five individuals, as flawed and broken as any, have been selected to aid the wizard. But, as with any venture, there will be complications.

Evangeline, an orphaned swordswoman, hides her secrets, past, and emotions behind a tough exterior.

Ryan, an exiled soldier, has a persistent self-worth issue.

Sirin is a strange boy with low-level magical abilities that should not exist, and an odd sense of humor. 

Yuriko is a wolf-like creature who often takes the form of a human girl. She has sporadic amnesia and a quiet demeanor.

Warren, the physical persona of a living consciousness, has a penchant for self-preservation and one too many secrets.

Gabriel, a cursed wizard, nurses deep wounds and carries heavy information.

Together, they will rise up against the dark presence enslaving their world in an epic tale of adventure, imagination, and the battle between good and evil.

Join us to help bring forth the Champions of Erendil!  (Kickstarter)

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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