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Just For Fun: “Comic Book Shop” Video

Meanwhile....Outside the Comic Shop!!??!

Meanwhile….Outside the Comic Shop!!??!

Every once in a while, a song comes along that defines a time period. Although Daft Punk’s”Get Lucky” ended up ruling the air waves for Summer 2013, right before it, the song that was bouncing around everywhere, hopefully in its censored version, was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop” which renewed interest in vintage clothing and budget-saving fashion by hipsters and geeks alike.  And then there came the parodies.  Everything from Obama-centered parodies to such fare as “Game Shop” and “Mine Shop,” a Minecraft tribute.

So, it only makes sense that one of the greatest of all geek hobbies gets its own “Thrift Shop” parody song and video, called, appropriately “Comic Book Shop” which has hit the web.  With its run through of heroes and emphasis on treating geek girls as the fans they should be recognized as in its lyrics, the video gets representation for cosplayers, geeks, and comics themselves.   Premiering at this year’s DragonCon “Page to Stage” contest, the video is a “tribute to all the Comic Book fans who helped Dragon Con become what it is,” according to it’s YouTube description.

Even if you are not a fan of the original or rap at all, this is still a fantastic video and shows geeks having fun with something they love.  Of course, why they thought it was okay to throw comics in the air and not think us geeky viewers would cringe for the risk of comics taking on a non-mint status is a question I have. Hopefully picked from the previously damaged, there are some comics I wouldn’t have mind picking out to throw if I’d been in the video that I have already felt like throwing across the room anyway.  “Brand New Day,” I’m looking at you!  That would have been a nice form of release.  Actually, I found out that most of the comics being treated unfairly were Free Comic Book Day releases, so we can all relax and just enjoy the video.  Whew!

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