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Henry Cavill Says He Is Still Superman

According to Newsarama, Henry Cavill has stated he is not done being Superman . He is still Superman. He was Superman/Clark Kent in three Warner Bros films: Man of Steel; Batman VS Superman; and Justice League.

Cavill and Warner Bros appeared to have an out over the last year.  Warner stated they are changing up how they are doing their DC movies.  It is reported that Cavill wants more money for movie.  Speculation is that Warner Bros wants a different Superman (and Batman) for future movies.

There are no Superman or Justice League movies set for the near future from Warner.  Cavill is plenty busy with his  new Netflix series, The Witcher (Adaption of fantasy books and video games).  Warner would have to need Superman for a movie, have a willingness to work with Cavill, and pay him star movie for this to happen.  On Cavill’s side, he would have to make time out of his busy schedule for such a movie.  If the price is right and Warner Bros thinks they can make a Billion Dollars (like they did with Joker), it could happen. But I won’t hold my breath.

In my opinion, Brandon Routh’s portrayal of Superman was much better than Cavill’s.  Superman Returns is a bad movie because of the writing but Routh was an amazing Superman and Clark Kent.  I would pay to see him “Return”.

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