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Hawkeye and Black Widow Will Be Prominent in Avengers 2

Image via http://llyzabeth.deviantart.com/

Image via http://llyzabeth.deviantart.com/

My daughter and I have discussed how both Hawkeye and Black Widow weren’t given enough screen time in the Avengers.  At San Diego Comic Con, Director Joss Whedon stated that he plans to make both Hawkeye (Hawk Guy) and Black Widow much more prominent characters in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

The Black Widow will be in Captain America: The Winter Solider.  It is speculated that she will have a fairly significant role in this film.  Can we every get too much Scarlett Johansson?  Probably not.

Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters and I am excited to get more focus on his fun personality.  My daughter loves Black Widow and her complexities.  We are very excited about this news.
(Story via Screen Crush)

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