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Image via http://techcrunch.com/

Image via http://techcrunch.com/

Tech Crunch has an interesting article about the open source of the Android is finally making a difference to consumers in general. The new Facebook app for Android is a game changer for some with the new Sixth Sense Display that will not work on Apple.  Because Android is open sourced, it is much easier for developers to use.  Many of the consumers have developed a taste for personalizing beyond the rigidity of the iOS platform.


But six years after the iPhone’s debut, the average mobile consumer has matured. They crave more personalization through homescreen widgets and custom launchers. They want to make their phone truly theirs. The mobile world may finally have reached the turning point where the benefits of Android’s customization outweigh the benefits of iOS’ simplicity. And it’s Facebook homescreen for Android that could crystallize this moment.

Last week, Facebook sent out invites to a big press event to “see our new home on Android”. My sources got us the scoop that Facebook plans to unveil a new homescreen for Android that pipes in its news feed content and notifications for instant access. We’re told this experience will be debuted on an HTC handset running a version of Android that’s been modified by Facebook. The homescreen replacement is also likely to make its way to other handsets, either in the form a launcher app that can run on standard Android builds, or through Facebook partnerships with other OEMs.   (Tech Crunch)

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