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Odd it took five years for Hollywood to make a movie version of their own “Hollywood Game Night”, which debuted in 2013, the fun NBC

competition show, hosted by the always entertaining Jane Lynch. “Game Night”, the new Hollywood comedy, from the guys who did “Horrible Bosses” gives an over the top twist turning this family friendly charade in to quite the riled up comedic treat.

The main duo Max and Annie (met at a bar trivia night) are both highly competitive, avid game players. The couple (played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams) has been hosting weekly game nights at their home for the same group of friends for years. While Bateman has been a staple of these comedies McAdams is a very nice addition.

Max has always been in the shadow of his older brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler), a hot-shot investment banker. Brooks surprises them at one of their game nights and then invites everyone to come to his new house the following week for a game night they’ll never forget. Instead of charades or Scrabble, they take part in one of those elaborate murder mystery games that Brooks has set-up – that as you’d expect – doesn’t go as planned.

The draw of the movie is that you’re not supposed to know what’s part of the game and what’s not. Of course the script, by Mark Perez (“The Country Bears” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded” neither of which I have seen) is quite a stretch in some parts but still fun to engage with.

Both Bateman and McAdams are perfect together makes me wonder why it took this long too see them on screen. Jesse Plemons (Todd-“Breaking Bad”) plays a creepy cop who used to be involved in the “Game Night” back in the day, gets a few scenes to shine here as well. Even Michael C. Hall’s “Dexter” has a small role in all of this.

For this one you definitely want to stay through to the end after the credits, the credits its self is a clever mash up of the events that transpired. They do leave it open for a possible sequel in many forms.

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Rated R for language, sexual references and some violence

I give it a B

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