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Disney Purchases Geeky KOOL


Disney has been acquiring geeky franchises continually now days. They bought Marvel Comics and own the rights to many of our favorite superhero characters. Last year they purchased the super geeky Star Wars Franchise. To continue their dominance of geeky culture, we are happy to announce that Disney has gone out and purchased this very geek website, Geeky KOOL.

Disney and Geeky KOOL have come to terms to buy the website and all of the previous articles, stories, and services of their staff. All of the staff of Geeky KOOL are now under five year contracts to Disney.

Some of you may be worrying that our articles and reviews will all of a sudden become less critical of any Disney product/movie/ or series. I can fully understand your concern. After all, my paycheck will now be signed by a Mouse. But have no fear, in our agreement, Disney has agreed that Geeky KOOL needs to keep their cutting edge thoughts and articles without fear.

Of course if you are reading this post and haven’t realized the date of this article, check it out. Yes it is an April Fools Joke. Disney did make us a Billion Dollar offer but we turned them flat down. Okay, that is a joke too.

Stay Geeky on April Fools Day My Friends!

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