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DC Universe Streaming Cancel’s Swamp Thing and Re-Evaluating Service

News has come out that the DC Universe (streaming service) has canceled their Swamp Thing series right after it has premiered.  Only one episode has been released but the service will show all 10 episodes.  The order for the series went from 13 episodes to only 10 while they were filming.

There have been reports that the series faced creative differences with writing staff, director, and Warner Bros executives.  There are other reports that an accounting error with the State of  North Carolina caused the cancellation.  Warner Media were led to believe they would receive 40 million in tax rebates to film in North Carolina but an accounting error moved it down to only 13 million in tax rebates.  It is hard to believe that the money was the only reason for the cancellation but definitely would be a contributing factor and possible reason for the shorten season.

It might not matter that the DC Universe has canceled the Swamp Thing because they might not be around for a long.  According to Comicbook and Deadline, the DC Universe stream service is currently being reevaluated by executives at Warner Bros.  All of the Warner Media section of Warner Bros is under heavy scrutiny and examination. It is possible that Warner Bros could create a large streaming service like Disney Plus and roll the DC Universe into it.  Or Warner could just cut their losses and move on? Or just maybe they might give the service a chance to succeed.  We will see.

(via DeadlineCBR, Comicbook)

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