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Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment need our assistance to raise some funds for their new web series, Strange Happenings.  Check out the Go Fund Me crowd funding drive here.

You can partner with Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer to bring a KOOL new webseries to the public.  Any donation amount can help fund this great project.

Strange Happenings follows a down on her luck paranormal journalist named, Nicole Tessla. Nicole is hired by a mysterious unknown source to continue her work. Sadly, horrible things start to happen to those she interviews for the stories she asked to cover. Who is her mysterious new boss and why does she feel she is a pawn in a bigger game? Find out on, STRANGE HAPPENINGS!

We are just needing to raise the remainder of the money we need to get our wonderful actors here to, Springfield, Missouri for filming. Also it will help us cover their travel, hotel, and food.   (gofundme)

This project will bring in a couple of well known actors especially to Power Rangers fans.   Jason Faunt and David J. Fielding of Power Rangers fame have signed on to the series.


Faunt is known for his role as the Red Ranger on Power Rangers: Time Force and Power Rangers: Mega Force.  He will play, Immanuel Marcus, the last living warlock in the Marcus line.


David J. Fielding protrayed Zordon of Eltar, holographic image and iconic voice, that recruited the original Power Rangers in The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.   Fielding  will be Mr. Wickles in the Strange Happenings web series.

Hannah Duncan is the lead character Nicole Tessla, in Strange Happenings.  Her character is a down on her luck paranormal journalist.  Duncan was a cast member on American Wasteland Entertainment‘s award winning web series, Drifter.  Duncan was on the TBS series, Men at Work.

As with everything from American Wasteland Entertainment, this looks like a wonderful and fun project.  I cannot wait to watch it.

Check out Go Fund Me and please donate if you can.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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