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Conversations with Comic Writers: Part 1- Christopher Orndoff of Head Metal Comics


Last weekend at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, I had a few fun conversations with some comic book writers. I have a fondness for comic book writers.  When I was in middle school, my passion was to be a comic book writer.  I even wrote Marvel Comics to see what I could do to become a writer for them in the future.  There is a piece of me that would still love to write a comic.  Maybe someday but for now, I will live vicariously through others.

This is part one of my conversations from Wizard World St. Louis.

I stopped by the Head Metal Comics table.  I wanted to check on Christopher Orndoff.  I had met Chris last year at Project Comic Con  and instantly loved his enthusiasm and creativity. I was lucky enough to review both issue #1 and issue #99 of his comic The Blueseph J. Headmetal Saga over the last year. Chris and his staff are working on a graphic novel for Blueseph.  I am looking forward to more adventures and character development of this all American guy with a guitar head.

Chris was as gracious as ever during my visit to his table. Even after giving him a less than flattering first review on issue #1, Chris has always been very positive with Geeky KOOL.  He took the harsh review and made a ton of great changes to his first issue.  He put himself back out there and sent me his second issue set in the future with issue #99.  I really enjoyed the story of the issue #99 and gave it a good review.

Chris has that personality that draws you in and you just want to hang out with him.  He is always enthusiastic about life and his comic book. He balances this with humility that enables him to take criticism and critic and use it to improve his work.  He keeps a great perspective on life.

 If you haven’t read these comics, then you should check them out but realize these comics are for mature readers. If you are attending an upcoming comic convention, look for a Head Metal Comics booth and stop by and chat with Christopher Orndoff.


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