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Val began her geeky journey at age 5 when her father introduced her to Star Trek the Original series over a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Her childhood was spent sitting in her toy box (aka- the Star Ship Enterprise) beaming up her stuffed animals to go on epic space adventures or running around the yard convinced that the blanket tied around her neck gave her super powers. She first saw the movie Star wars from behind her father’s easy chair when she should have been in bed. Unfortunately she now has a fear of clowns from watching “It” in the same fashion.
Valerie is a Youth services librarian to small impressionable minions in the public library. She recently rediscovered her love of the geek world and is now known at the local comic book store. (she is very proud of this) Current geeky favorites include but not limited to:
Lord of the rings
Star Trek- yes, even the new movie
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Super Mario Brothers
Harry Potter

She loves reading anything geeky and providing an unbiased review.

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