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Check Out Geeky KOOL’s Patreon Account

Check Out Geeky KOOL’s Patreon Account
“Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love. Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century.”  (Patreon)

Simply stated, Patreon is a method to support various art forms.  You can support your favorite artist or musician or website by pledging a monthly amount through their Patreon account.

Geeky KOOL has created their own Patreon account here.  There are costs to run a website.  There are costs to post updated content.  If you enjoy our website and would like to support Geeky KOOL or at least interested in checking out our Patreon page,  please click on the link.

If you would like to support Geeky KOOL but cannot financially help, we understand.  The best thing you can do is help promote Geeky KOOL by telling your friends about our site.  If there is an article you enjoy, please post it on Social Media.  But mostly, please just come back and check out our site on a regular basis.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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