C2E2: The Day Before

Thursday started our trek to Chicago for our big convention, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.  C2E2, here we come!  My buddy Mike and I hit the interstate for the nine hour trip to the Windy City.

I love taking a trip like this with a friend and fellow geek.  It lead to a fun discussions about various geeky subjects including the new Daredevil Netflix series,  the disappearance of a small comic book company,  and upcoming geeky movies.  The hours passes quickly as we chatted the entire trip.

Ducan Manor

Mike has previously made this long commute to Chicago on more than one occasion. It was my first time driving to Chicago so I was not familiar with the sights (or lack there of sights). On our way up I55 from St. Louis, Mike told me about the haunting looking old house in a corn field. This is one of Mike’s favorite places to see on the trip.

I was engrossed by the discussion of this home that seems very out of place. It is a old Manor outside of Towanda, Illinois. It was built in mid 1800s by livestock breeder, William R. Duncan. He built this 7 bedroom, three bath house with a lot of personality. I It had a trap door in on of the bedrooms. Members of the family are buried on the land by the house. This house has personality along with being creepy.

Ducan Manor 006

We stopped to see this home. It was a quite a spectacular. It had the feel of a haunted house. We had to look at it and take photos from the road. We were not allowed to get close to this three story mansion.

We soon hit the road again. We drove on into Chicago and right to our hotel. The South Loop Hotel is where we will call home for the new few days while at C2E2.

After getting settled, we wanted Pizza~ true Chicago Deep Dish style.  We decided to get Chicago’s classic pizza from Giordanos.  We met my friends, Tina, Gary and Julie from Day 304 Productions, and comic book artist~ Chris Bailey.  As we waited for our Pizza to come (it takes a long time for them to cook), we played little bit of the board game, Geek Out.  We had a great time with awesome friends, a fun game, and great Pizza.

Hours later, I am writing this article and still overly full from such great pizza.  Now it is time to hit the sack in Prep for the big day tomorrow.  I hope I can sleep with all the excitement.  Tomorrow, I will enter into full geekdom as C2E2 blossoms out and Chicago is fully inundated with fellow geek and nerds.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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