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Branson Con Day 2- Panels, Panels, Panels

Saturday at Branson Con was much more hopping. Keith Moncrief and I tagged teamed the convention. We walked the convention floor for a couple of hours.

I ran into my good friend J. Christopher Wilson at his booth.  He is the author of the fantasy series, The Wards of Iasos.  He appeared to be having a good convention  He was busy selling his book and the crafts his wife created as companion pieces.

I transitioned from the show floor to checking out a panel before our panel began.  I selected “Cosplay and Costuming for the Mature Cosplayer”.  This was a wonderful panel of cosplayers over the age of 30.  They discussed all sorts of issues facing cosplayers and how it uniquely affected those over 30.  This panel included a ton of well known cosplayers like AZ Powergirl, Blond Bombshell Cosplay, Triple Diamond Cosplay Entertainment, and Agent Stan (yes he looks like Stan Lee).  It was a fun and informative panel that had the how to, the when to start (any age you want), and the emotional support of the group.

After this panel, I led the Geek Media panel.  This panel included myself and AJ from Geeky KOOL, Tim and Josh from Nerd Informants, and Gerry and Keith (also from Titans of the Fantastic) from Pop Culture Minefield.  (See picture above) We discussed the why we do what we do, some of the challenges, and our best moments.  It was a lot of fun and interesting discussion about what makes us media and how we do things.

After the Geek Media panel, Tim and Josh from Nerd Informants were leading the Cosplay Dating Game.  Tim and Josh asked Keith, Gerry, and I to stay and help with the fun.  It was the Dating game for the characters of the cosplay.  It was a little rough to start but we found the groove for game.  It was a ton of fun.  Hell Girl (Hell Boy gender swap) was a big winner in two of the games.

We took a break for some food.  There is a great Greek Restaurant in Branson called Dimitris’ Greek Gyros & Deli.  They have amazing Gyros and baklava to die for.

Keith and I attended the Women in Film panel.  It was hosted by the Ozark Mountain Webfest.  Our friend Brittney Greer (American Wasteland Entertainment  and Titans of the Fantastic) was a part of this panel.  It was an informative panel about working in the local film industry and being a lady.

We stayed after that panel to see “Captain Marvel and the China Box Office”.  Ryan Carroll of Silk Celluloid used to work for the film industry in China.  He has some insights about how things work.  He brought numbers and stats from prior superhero movies to compare to what is expected from the China numbers for the Captain Marvel movie.

It was a fun filled day with a ton of great panels.  For a first year convention, they were able to put out some awesome panels.  I cannot wait for next year.

Stay Geeky!

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