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Blade Runner Custom Figures

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Art crosses many different techniques, genres, attitudes, and mediums.  When artist Scott Pettersen came to sculpting custom action figures for characters from the Blade Runner movie, he was creating a masterpiece that not only reflected the iconic fashion and motifs of the movie’s costume design, but enhanced it by making them reflect emotions of the actors they resemble to the point any replicant would be proud.  Check out some of these fabulous creations that painstakingly reproduce every detail of the costumes from the film and each nuance that eerily resembles the actors playing those parts.  Check out some of the pictures below, then head over to geekexchange.com for the full interview and more pictures. For more on the artist, visit Pettersen’s blog.

Rachael-action-figure-2 Rick-Deckard-action-figure Roy-Batty-and-Pris-action-figures

Blade Runner is one of my all-time favorite films so it would really be nice if I could my hands on collectibles with this magnitude of greatness to go with my special edition DVD briefcase set.   I am amazed at how someone can make these figures look so good, especially the clothes which has to be so intricate to match the designs in this film.  Honestly, this is the KOOLest thing I’ve seen all week.

Source: geekexchange.com

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