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Beware of the Ides of March or you could get stabbed in the back

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Today is March 15 or also known as The Ides of March.  The Ides of March was often a day of religious observance.  It became infamous because Julius Caesar’s assassination occurred on March 15th.  William Shakespeare made this memorable in his play, Julius Caesar.

Each month on the Roman calendar had an Ides.  March’s Ides is the 15th.  Some months have an Ides that is the 13th.  It is based on the number of days in a month.  The Romans didn’t track the days of the month in the manor we do.

Whatever you do today, beware of the Ides of March especially if a group of friends come baring a knife.  

Below is a video of the famous death scene from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (in movie form).

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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