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Beware of Lizard Men and Bigfoot During Eclipse

We have all heard about the great Solar eclipse that will happen across the United States on August 21st.  People are preparing for this awesome event with great anticipation.  Some government agencies are giving unusual warnings for the upcoming eclipse.

South Carolina Emergency Management Division has put out a special warning.  They have warned that the Lizard Man of the Carolinas could be more active during this solar abnormality.  In a tweet, their agency stated, “SCEMD does not know if Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse, but we advise that residents of Lee and Sumter counties should remain ever vigilant.”

Back in 1988, the Lizard Man was first seen at 2:00 AM on a summer morning.  Christopher Davis was 17 years old and had to change his tired on the side of the road near Scape Ore Swamp.  Thing went weird when the red eyed creature appeared and attacked the car.  It was reported that the “Lizard Man” kept up with the car until it reached 40 miles an hour.  The police department has gone on record as believing something is out there.

NASA’s Scientific Visualization Center published a map of the eclipse and Bigfoot sightings.  This has become known as Sunsquach.  Be careful if viewing the eclipse that if you are in this area because if Bigfoot is out there with you, he might become aggressive during this time.

With several Bigfoot sighting in the in the Carolinas, the Greenville Police Department has a warning for people.   “If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot”.  South Carolina Emergency Management  has this suggestion, “if you see something, say something.”  Yeah, if I see something, I think I will keep it to myself.

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