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Axanar update 3-5-19

Yesterday Axanar released a new production update in video form. and in less than 24 hours it has 6500 views and more than 500 upvotes.  Work continues on the Bridge set, and Alec did short “interviews” with James Simpson who is doing all the “power/electronic” work on the Bridge set, and Dana Wagner who is doing all the Construction/painting.

Also, the first Storyboard image was released.  For those who do not know, “storyboarding” is where artists “pre-visualize” the scenes for the director, so he can map out the “shots” that make up the movie.  Axanar is lucky because they have 3 artists working on storyboards for director Paul Jenkins(Marvel Comics).

things are moving forward and it looks like shooting will be in the late summer/early fall, with completion in October/November time frame.

I will keep updating Axanar as it moves forward towards completion.



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